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A lot of my students are curious about Altered Books. I tend to cringe hearing the words Altered Books, because I think back to Crispin Glover's goth cut-ups that were pathetic Burroughs rip offs. They can be ultra corny. But there
Over the past decade, it has seemed to me – perhaps this a valid observation, perhaps just a result of my increasing awareness of the fields around the hermetically Literary – that there has been at once an expansion of what
Mark Sandman, lead singer, bassist, and songwriter of the seminal indie rock band Morphine, died on July 3, 1999. He had a heart attack while performing in Palestrina, Italy. Sandman revealed little about his life, which makes his songs all the
In no particular order, here are the first few of ten important literary figures and their related events and publications. These people have not only done their own great work but have fostered creative American communities in their own fashions. They
Bookslut just published a superbly frank essay by poet Courtney Queeney. Queeney discusses women poets, the breed she's supposedly part of, and questions what it actually means to stand up for your own. While she isn't decisive, Queeney manages to
Dream City (1921) by Paul Klee (from the chorus for ‘Thug is a Drug’)Gangsta, birth sign is dangerIt's like thug is the drugThat make 'em fall in loveWhen love don't love nobodyBANK, BANKGangsta, star sign is dangerIt's like thug is the drugReady
My top ten list of literary heroes has so far focused on authors of fiction, art criticism, music journalism, comics experts, poets, and artist book makers. For the final four, I think I’ll backtrack into those arenas more deeply to reflect
Heather McHugh, a poet I love and envy (she's a matchless wordsmith), just won a MacArthur Genius Award. Listen to a brief NPR interview--in which she talks about letter formations and slowed down speech like only a language-geek can--here. Read
Two notes about Eileen1/ The dynamic and illustrious Eileen Myles is coordinating a SILENT HAPPENING at the end of June that will undoubtedly be an event to remember. Details listed below!2/ Myles is one of my favorite authors, who will, in
Awaiting each new issue of the simply remarkable Triple Canopy is a pleasure matched only by each issue's arrival; that the content of each issue is unfurled over time, and does not come in one fell-swoop of intimidating new material to set
As it happens, literary and cultural journal Matrix Magazine is our 1000th organization to sign up as a member! Founded in 1975 in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Matrix Magazine was around long before the movie, and is now based in Montreal. Three
Aphasic Letters is a kind of Internet-birthed Pallas Athena. Few of my favorite literary works of the past year or so have not found some relation to Aphasic or its two founders, Danny Snelson and Phoebe Springstubb. Nurtured by the Internet's wealth
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