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Film Criticism and Theory
Daily Film Dose is exactly what is sounds like: a blog featuring a new film review every single day! Run by Alan Bacchus, a Toronto-based filmmaker and writer, Daily Film Dose has been included on’s “10 Blogs for Serious Film
Film Criticism and Theory
(This is a repost from Matrix Magazine's Anxiety issue). One of the best pieces of advice ever given was from The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Don't panic! And it’s true, it's never useful to panic. Sure, everything has the
Film Criticism and Theory
In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, Reel Asian presents its first cross-Canada tour SENSE OF WONDER, a dynamic selection of thought-provoking Asian Canadian shorts from across the country. This program will be seen in four different cities this May including
Film Criticism and Theory
The Cinematic City, or how a city is perceived as a collection of moods, ideas and images found in cinematic history and the collective imagination, is something that I've been interested in some time now. And when thinking about 2010, Vancouver
Film Criticism and Theory
Pee-Wee Herman appeared last night on the second to last episode of Conan O'brien's "Tonight Show," to help break down the events that lead up to Conan's break from NBC. Pee-Wee (AKA Paul Reubens) aficionados know that the character -- loosely
Film Criticism and Theory
This is the middle part of a 1986 interview that legendary French auteur Jean-Luc Godard conducted with Woody Allen. Here, they have a (somewhat dated) discussion about the superiority of the movie theatre over television. If you're saddened at 9 more
Film Criticism and Theory
http://www.ryeberg.comI have spent far too much time on Ryeberg lately. The concept behind the website is simple, but brilliant. Curators ( "smart, distinguished people" like writers Pasha Malla, Russell Smith, Sheila Heti, Mary Gaitskill, video artist Mike Hoolboom, etc.) select and
Film Criticism and Theory
In Part Two, I’ll look at directors whose cinematic works expand past boundaries and occupy a space of their own, whether between genres or between disciplines. The future is all about crossing, pushing, and dissolving borders! 5. Michael Winterbottom Michael Winterbottom
Film Criticism and Theory
This film has renewed my belief that Hollywood can indeed capture the essence of romance. Academy Award winner Jane Campion has returned in full force with this remarkably poignant tale about renowned poet John Keats and the love that inspired his
Film Criticism and Theory
As it happens, literary and cultural journal Matrix Magazine is our 1000th organization to sign up as a member! Founded in 1975 in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Matrix Magazine was around long before the movie, and is now based in Montreal. Three
Film Criticism and Theory
A lot has been said about all the strange, dark, kinky sex in Canadian cinema, so much that you’d think we were a nation of perverts, contrary to the popular image of Canadians as nice and, well, boring. But how could
Film Criticism and Theory
Le Festival des Films du Monde, or The Montreal World Film Festival (WFF), starts its 33rd edition today and runs until September 7th. This year there will be 400 films from 78 countries in 9 categories, out of which, 240 are
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