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I was able to attend two films as part of the New York City Dance on Camera Festival last week at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center. Two nights, two documentaries on contemporary dance, two very different, yet equally
by Troy
For those of you who have strict rules on what it means to be an artist, you may not like the following list very much. Click HERE to be re-directed. But if you are like me and are of the
My previous mention of the Animazing Gallery in NYC was regarding the Maurice Sendack exhibit, which was most definitely exciting for fans of "Where The Wild Things Are." Well, it turns out that Animazing is on a roll with some great
Daily Film Dose is exactly what is sounds like: a blog featuring a new film review every single day! Run by Alan Bacchus, a Toronto-based filmmaker and writer, Daily Film Dose has been included on’s “10 Blogs for Serious Film
The soundtrack to Marie Antoinette (2006) stands as an ancillary text that heavily influences the film’s publicity, interpretation, and reception. The soundtrack also conveys Coppola’s vision for the spirit of the film and clearly presents the youthful ideology of
The cultural happenings of the last week or so have been frequent and fabulous. On Wednesday night I saw ‘An Education,’ the new film by Lone Scherfig with a screenplay by the one and only Nick Hornby. The film tells the
Having started out as a DP, I wanted to spend some time here to enjoy a few iconic visuals. Let's start with a group I think of as the hearty, undeniable cinematographers who rendered movie images that many of us grew
Over the past decade, it has seemed to me – perhaps this a valid observation, perhaps just a result of my increasing awareness of the fields around the hermetically Literary – that there has been at once an expansion of what
About Dan " sixteen going on seventeen" Truhitte appeared as himself in an episode of Entertainment Tonight on September 10, 1993. Dan Truhitte, a native Californian, now resides in Concord, NC, has achieved fame, and acclaim from Hollywood to Europe, for
This weekend the MoMA opens an exciting, in-depth retrospective of Tim Burton's work. I had a chance to see the exhibit during previews and this is definitely one to check out!MoMA's Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He managed to tour Burton's home
Mark Sandman, lead singer, bassist, and songwriter of the seminal indie rock band Morphine, died on July 3, 1999. He had a heart attack while performing in Palestrina, Italy. Sandman revealed little about his life, which makes his songs all the
The unexpectedly freezing weather kept me from going out as much as I'd like to this week (I'm new to the East Coast, and unprepared for real seasons), but the irresisitible lure of gravestones and accordion music drew me out of
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