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Often the repetition in advertising creates its own logic. Why is a tiger a better symbol for a brand of sugar coated corn flakes than a white seal? I like to think this character's name is "Frosty the Seal". (After all,
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I live within walking distance of the largest Sears on the west coast. The actual store may not be the largest but the Art Deco building that houses it was once the western distribution center for Sears. This 10 story
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by Troy
I'm rethinking all that stuff I want from IKEA…thanks in part to Mon Oncle, my new-found favorite film by Jacques Tati. Mon Oncle takes comedic jabs at everything a “comtemporary-ist” would find cool and chic and of-the-moment (slap in the face
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You still have a couple of days left if you want to submit your sketchbook pages to the exhibition Reveal! Inside the Artist's Mind. For more info about this call for entries, check out this post: And here's the link
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So I've done it. I've been wracking my brain to create this list and now I finally have my picks. To start off I have to say that the art world as a whole intimidates me. Maybe part of the reason
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The Experiential Gallery's self-described mission is "to encourage the exploration of creative uses of technology in the arts, the development of critical and creative thinking skills, and the building of content-area knowledge" It most certainly accomplishes the goal. The collection of
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In no particular order, here are the first few of ten important literary figures and their related events and publications. These people have not only done their own great work but have fostered creative American communities in their own fashions. They
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The latest edition of The Thing reminds me a lot of Bruno Munari's libros illegibles, or unreadable books...Author Jonathan Lethem has decided to make absurdist, unusable glasses for his edition of this cool literary/art project. A pair of glasses with
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A NEW MONTH! Of Curator's Corner is ahead of us, this time focusing on Literary Resources. I thought it useful to mention three unique fairs beginning TOMORROW and running through early October. This is my favorite season for self-published books. As
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Drawn and Quarterly is perhaps the most widely adored name in contemporary comics and graphic novels, its "market value" in all likelihood still less than that of Fantagraphics but its output, to my mind, more consistently revelatory; with its renown comes
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Through a friend I have heard tell of the miraculous goings-on within the University of Iowa's Center for the Book, although I myself have never been privy to their work. Thus, much of what follows is the product sheerly of hearsay,
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Today is dedicated to Steven Hull, an artist and curator of multiple text/image projects. I met Steven when he invited me to work on a project called Ab/Ovo. For it, “test subject” artists were given the MMPI test, writers were given
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