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posted on 11.12.13

On the green, is the first green, green is also the most important. The green, ignited once lofty sentiments dreams; The green, the rain of the loess desolation and sorrow; The emerald green, warm the home city temporarily; The green, warming the strange core wall. The green, pale in time in exchange for happy laughter, sweet state of mind, into a comfortable and longings, warm a lonely journey of dream.

Spring, began. Spring flowers bloom in the mountain fields, the grass sprout out of the earth, in the spring of whistle, a vibrant. First met deserted campus, little green flattening of the loess sadness, disguise the once barren, warm down boring heart, ornament is a lonely blue gucci belts for sale sky, lively was desolate and the corners.

Into campus at the beginning of autumn, abrasive sand covered every corner, down speechless poured on to the apex. Every step, loss increase, garden, desolate green, almost invisible, like a beautiful city, the breath of life the silent desolation, pale a lofty sentiments in the land of dreams.

After class, time travel, time like water evaporate gently, is another story. Time accumulated memories, cycle life time, every piece of the charming scenery, gave birth to the each piece on behalf of the vitality of the green, green campus was dark. In the spring sunshine warm light, such as cotton, drizzle, such as cheap gucci belts needle gently fall on the yellow leaves, deepen every bit of green, in the middle of the four seasons, enchanting the summer sunny days.

Shallow summer, started to get dark, green bean rain frequently slowly, cheap belts online trees standing safely, gently waving in the wind, light green summer cool and refreshing. Mood is cheerful, each piece of green land, every tree, every grass, all under the sun to comfort wear beautiful green, busy every corner of the campus. No statement, no flowery rhetoric, describe the excitement and joy of the heart, is very happy.


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