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Everyone wants to understand painting. why don’t they try to understand the song of the birds? why do they love a night, a flower, everything which surrounds man, without attempting to understand them? whereas where painting is concerned, they want to understand. let them understand above all that the artist works from necessity; that he, too, is a minute element of the world to whom one should ascribe no more importance than so many things in nature which charm us but which we do not explain to ourselves.


Todo el mundo quiere comprender la pintura.

¿Por qué no intentan comprender el canto de los pájaros? ¿Por qué a la gente le gusta una noche, un flor, todas las cosas que rodean al hombre sin tratar de comprenderlas?

En el caso de la pintura, en cambio, se quiere comprender.

Que comprendan sobre todo que el artista obra por necesidad (...) Quienes intentan interpretar un cuadro, casi siempre se equivocan.










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