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A good underground house DJ from Chicago, visiting New York City, told me in a party, "Don't stick to New York DJs, listen to everyone." I agreed with him besides that I am a New York DJs devotee. After meditating on the memories of the best parties I've been and checking my records all over again, I came with this list of DJ/producers that I consider "a must listen-see-dance". They are all from United States, and four are from New York City, I couldn't help it. 

Theo Parrish - Detroit, Michigan

"The Detroit-based DJ and producer might be known for his deeper-than-deep house records, but don’t expect him to spin purist DJ sets – Parrish is just as likely to play vintage disco or soul ballads as anything house-related." --

Louie Vega - Bronx, New York 

"Vega helped pioneer Latin-infused dance grooves and is beloved for his studio collaborations with clubland outsiders such as Tito Puente and George Benson. He is considered the godfather of house music. By tapping his salsero heritage and dusting off unsung, orchestral disco, Vega made club sounds legit." --

Kenny Dope - Brooklyn, New York

"Dope's history is synonymous with New York City's vast and rich heritage of dance music and melting pot vibes that hardly any other place on the planet can offer. From raw block party vibes to the baby powder utopia of clubs like Shelter or Body & Soul - you can be sure to come across a Dope beat sooner or later." -- Red Bull Music Academy 

Karizma - Baltimore, Maryland

Self diagnosed as “a.d.d. with music,” Chris “Karizma” Clayton has always aspired to be a producer who “keeps changing and moving on to different things for the challenge.” This is not always the easiest way to make a name for yourself in a music scene that praises a “signature sound.” -- 

Danny Krivit - New York, New York

"How does a DJ survive nearly four decades of work without becoming completely jaded? How does he maintain his passion while navigating the pitfalls of an often-fickle clubland? How does he make a living while remaining artistically viable and true to his craft? It’s a unique set of questions and one rarely asked because there are very few DJs in a position to answer. One of them is Danny Krivit, a man whose vast experience includes 35 years in the booth, an accumulation of 70,000 records and almost as many useful anecdotes." -- Jim Tremayne, DJ Times Magazine 

Osunlade - St. Louis, Missouri

"Osunlade is not just a House Music phenomenon, but one of the true artists of any genre or artform of our time. A working musician from the age of seventeen, he's released more than twenty albums of material and worked with artists from Patti Labelle to Roy Ayers. In the realm of dance music, you'll find few who are more respected, not just for his abilities to create but his faithfulness to his ideals and his muse." - Shani Hebert, 5 Magazine

Joe Clausell - Brooklyn - New York

"Having been surrounded on all sides by a diverse combination of music from rock, soul, pop, African, and Latin, Joe started to contribute his own musical inspiration at his Friday night jam sessions at the illustrious vinyl shop Dance Tracks. After later becoming part owner, Joe continued to travel the world in search of the spirituality in music as well as continuing to play international venues." --

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