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Putting together another online portfolio is both interesting and daunting. Basically, its self-curation where questions of what to include, what order to present, how much, whether or not to include details- all add up to some sort of narrative. Its a narrative that is self-driven and ultimately self-consumed (which leads to the daunting/sad part).

Any artist is going to be both the most and the least expert of his/her work. Any chance to organize one's work in the form of an exhibition (on or offline) provides both more clarity and more confusion. 

Taking a look back at my steps (sometimes missteps) I am both excited and puzzled. What is this? Why did I do this? Why is this even on this site? What is its purpose? What is it doing?

If I am the sole interpreter, organizer, admirer, is it even useful? 

Why am I putting so much attention to THIS portfolio rather than say Saatchi? Saatchi at least has the promise of some eyes seeing it (or so they say) as opposed to this ghost town. 

I never buy that. I think this space has a greater chance of a curator of the Whitney Biennial viewing my work than the glut of Saatchi.  I like ghost towns, I like to idea of putting up roots in a ghost town, so here I am. 

But, what if I am the ghost?

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