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posted on 05.24.13

Pandora Jewelry was established in 1982, is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Pandora in the world with more than 5,000 employees, production and marketing modern jewelry made ​​of precious materials manually. PANDORA jewelry through more than 10,000 retail outlets, including the sale of more than 450 PANDORA branded concept stores in more than 55 countries on six continents. PANDORA jewelry more than 30 years of manufacturing history, with its world-class manual process, almost demanding quality requirements and world-class perfect design quickly internationally renowned jewelry industry. PANDORA beautiful way to capture life's memorable moments, to create the ultimate personal jewelry to meet the demands of the women personalized.
Charming, is honorable. Luxury classic. pandora charms intention to create perfect, each one is fine, each product is the best. All jewelry are made ​​of high quality gold and silver to create
Personalize your jewelry
PANDORA "sex your own jewelery brand's core design philosophy, known for ingenuity personal design Charm Bracelet, customers can choose from 800 kinds of hand-crafted sterling silver and 14K gold strap with personal preferences and ideas the style of monumental value or significance free match.
In this era of personality, refused to mediocrity, to refuse the public, pandora bracelet is undoubtedly the best choice of female friends. Officially because of its unique design, luxurious and extravagant technology quickly attracted a large number of loyal fans. Danish royal family, Catherine Zeta Jones, Diane von Furstenberg, Melissa Etheridge ...... are all the unique charm of the PANDORA conquered elegant luxury is evident. Today PANDORA flagship store in Beijing apm, Beijing women friends at home will be able to experience the the PANDORA shock art, have their own PANDORA.
PANDORA - consumers really can afford the luxury of freedom to mix and match any combination of luxury truly unique works of art.
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