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June 3, the Danish jewelry brand Pandora new store was officially settled in Tianjin Hisense Plaza, the gorgeous charm Nordic jewelry trend has alarmed struck!
Pandora charms Tianjin Hisense Plaza, the new store opening
PANDORA fresh and elegant new boutique store design filling the gorgeous and magnificent temperament, this beautifully designed PANDORA store, to the wonderful world of the PANDORA introduced to consumers in Tianjin.
PANDORA jewelry art from Denmark
Since its inception in 1982, the world-renowned Pandora With its unique design charm bracelet.
Pandora unique personalized ring design pandora  jewelry brand offers a variety of precious materials carefully crafted jewelry collection, each piece is handmade and many of which are inlaid with diamonds or precious stones. Personalize your own jewelry brand's core design concept, customers with personal preferences and ideas, from the 1,000 kinds of hand-crafted sterling silver and 14K gold strap, choose a style free with commemorative value or significance; the creation of any combination or appearance, the perfect fulfillment of a female friend to show individuality creative needs, beautiful way to capture life's memorable moments.
Pandora Alternative exquisite necklace design
In the past 30 years, PANDORA Jewelry has established a huge jewelry empire, distribution network in more than 60 countries, more than one every second PANDORA jewelry is sold.
Pandora Bracelet design of the classical creative
According to statistics, Pandora jewelry has become one of the world's three jewelry brand. PANDORA from the Danish royal family, the Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones, supermodel Angelababy, the trend Queen XuHaoYing to the famous movie star Huang Yi, Lu Lu Qin Lan, Dong Jie, Liu You are loyal supporters.
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