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posted on 05.23.13


I miss blogs. Specifically I miss the early to late 00s when blogging was shiny and new and hopeful. I miss connecting with other artists and arts people. It seemed to shink the artworld in a way, make it seem a bit less monolithic. 

I know there are several art blogs still active, some great ones like hyperallergic, AFC, Bad at Sports, Daily Serving, etc. And even Edward Winkleman is still plugging along. But what is missing is the interaction, the involvement of the art community at large. Even Ed's blog has less comments/ commentors these days. 

I am just as much to blame for the drop in interactivity though! I am not sure why but it seemed like a huge shift happened around 2009/10 or so. Perhaps Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter took over? Reddit too? I am not knocking these at all but there is a lack of specificity and depth to these that the original blogs had. And debate! Remember PainterNYC? The trashing and passion! Oy!

I discovered A+C today even though I probably ran across it before in ads or emails. Reading the rationale and purpose of the site I like it very much, at least the intention of it, the fact that its not just an artist portfolio site but meant to create connectivity and dialogue. I am not sure how well that original intention has prospered though. Just a cursory browsing of blog activity and postings seems to be the typical self-promotion fare (or completely unrelated spam?). Nothing wrong with that, i just desire more these days.

I hope to post more of my thoughts here about art and teaching as well as develop some connections here. I am working on a couple of presentations that I think I could use this as a forum for development. Perhaps get some much needed feedback. And of course promote my art right? I mean what the hell.


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