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Third day of LuminaTO!

Picture: RED BALL PROJECT was at Old city hall! It looked so great with the old historical architecture. A new way to look at Old city hall as well as the red ball. There are some projects in LuminaTO that uses the environment incredibly well, like the sine wave at the Brookfield place. Impressive!

Red ball project started in 2001, and has travelled the world through cities such as Barcelona and Chicago. You just put...a giant red ball in random places in a city!

The artist was also present for a while at the site. As I asked where he got the idea, he replied something along the lines of: "I was commissioned a public installation, and thought of this".  So it was an empty answer where he didn't really say anything. Hmmmm. interesting. But when asked "what does it mean" by a passer-by, he replied that it's about looking at the city, and playing with the city so maybe that's what he means?

Anyways, everyone had such a blast with it. People ran into it, hugged it, talked about it, everyone took a picture with it.... It was such a fun installation for everyone no matter how old you are, which was amazing, because art exhibits are easy to be an impersonal experience where it's just very quiet and lots of staring for the public. Community-family-public-fun-time, which is art! Refreshing!

It will be in the city for the rest of the festival: check out the info and the scheduled locations HERE

Follow the red ball! Around the city! around the world(if you can afford)!


What was disappointing:

1.Binary Waves are still not installed, due to electrical problems. Official statement has not been released yet about when it will be ready.

2.Raphael Mazzucco's exhibition looked like a Lo'Real and Lancome Booth, not an art exhibit. So did the film that was being projected in the gallery, which was laced with pictures of makeup being put on models.

What was good:

 the visual art exhibitions are really showing how much of amazing space for art there is in Toronto, and how it can be used creatively. Burroughs Building, Old City Hall, Brookfield Place.....Especially the financial district, it's like that district was designed for exhibitions. It's just a matter of how you would bring the public flow there.

Here's a video of red ball! on Tuesday it's at First Canadian Place. Go play!


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