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Indeed the world of art is enormous. And where one form of art stops and another starts becomes increasingly more difficult to see and define. But as much as art forms start to blend together so is art blending with other forms of our activity. Essentially, there is no difference between art, science, philosophy and religion: they all are our attempts to reflect on our world and society in order to comprehend them better and draw attention of others to what we deem important. They all come from us, and at least they are connected within us, and that is “how things go together”…. What we can try to show is how art goes together with other things in our lives, how some works can have explanations beyond the usual ones (see for example Durer below), how art gets inspired by science, how it tackles philosophy and sociology… in short ‘how things go together’.

Jen *Rose says:
“Well then! It seems being an artist is finding the art in everything we do, always recognizing the artistic aspect in everything. Even if it is in the rhythm of our footsteps on the way to the grocery store. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
Alen Hadzovic replies:
“I agree that one can find an inspiration in everything. For example, on your 'rhythm of footsteps': musique concrete combines the sounds around us and uses advances in technology to deliver new artistic, musical (sound) expressions”
Posted over 6 years ago
“THis is just something I would like to do among more 'normal' stuff (lists, CD reviews, add artists their works, connect with people, etc...)”
Posted over 6 years ago
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