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As if Saadiyat Island weren’t enough, the United Arab Emirates have another island of cultural extravagance in the works: Isla Moda, a fashion wonderland off the coast of Dubai, will boast couture boutiques, private fashion shows, and those staples of overblown development projects, luxury hotels and villas. Which will surely fill up as fast as the office space in the Burj Khalifa. Karl Lagerfeld was all set to design the manmade island, but something tipped him off to the surprising fact that this may not be the best time for a project devoted to unbridled consumption. Huh. It probably would have sunk back into the sea as soon as they finished it anyway.

Regardless of the idiocy of “Isla Moda,” the renderings are pretty great. I think at this point, announcements of new projects in Dubai are just an in-joke. No one actually entertained the notion of building this Jurassic Park geode-mall, did they?

            Of course not. They’re just having a little fun. Someone learned CAD and wanted to show off.

       They could always buy the gold to plate this mall from the gold ATM in Abu Dhabi, although relying on Abu Dhabi for anything else would be awkward.

Karl Lagerfeld was smart to get out! This is ridiculous!

Without their cash flow, the masterminds of Dubai have become outsider artists, toiling away in obscurity on fantasy lands that are prove nothing but their eccentricity, just like Achilles Rizzoli.

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