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Twitter Parties are easy to join and lots of fun - they are basically a group chat on Twitter which make use of the hashtag. Just add #aceditions to your tweets and you're part of the discussion!

Our first Art+Culture Editions Twitter Party took place on Monday, September 6th, 2010, where we chatted with with New York artist Michael De Feo (@MichaelDeFeo) who papers the streets of the Big Apple with his iconic flowers and portraits.

Michael de Feo loves his freedom. Combining drawing, print making, and public art, he uses the city as his art gallery. De Feo invades major capitals like New York City, Buenos Aires, and Hong Kong, and papers them with simple drawings of flowers, fluid self portraits, and sketches of every-day objects, creating a moment of joy and wonder for the passers-by. Check out his work on Art+Culture Editions here

We discussed what inspires Michael, how he creates his work, and his current and up-coming projects. It was so much fun that we've decided to share with you the highlights of our one-hour chat. If you would like to join our up-coming Twitter Parties, keep an eye on the Art+Culture Editions Magazine for the next announcement.

ArtCultureMtl: I would like to introduce our panelist: artist Michael De Feo from New York @MichaelDeFeo. Welcome!

michaeldefeo: Thanks for having me here... I'm honored to participate!

ArtCultureMtl:  Our first topic will be inspiration. Where and how do you source your ideas?

most recently I've been focusing on my personal life and relationships with family and friends... things close to the heart.

@MichaelDeFeo like your self portraits?

michaeldefeo: yes. I've always done self prtrts but after my wife and I split 4 yrs ago, they became a cntrl theme in my pntngs and street wrk

ArtCultureMtl: Do you keep sketchbooks or photo journals?

michaeldefeo: i draw and shoot lots... not sure how to organize it all yet...

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Tell us a bit about your artistic practice

michaeldefeo: i spend just as much time thinking and planning outside of the studio as I do inside...

ArtCultureMtl: Tell us about your streetwork. How do you select the places you paper with your art?

michaeldefeo: My street locations are based on visibility, durability, and aesthetic concerns...

becksaboo26: What artist inspires you currently? @MichaelDeFeo

michaeldefeo: I'm going to sound like the mushy dad that I am, however, I'm always inspired by the art of my 6 yr old daughter, Marianna

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo - do you teach your daughter art?

michaeldefeo: my daughter and I work together all the time in the studio... sometimes we collaborate on the same works together... we love it

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo do you also take your daughter with you when you "install" you art?

michaeldefeo: Marianna joined me this Summer in Provence where she helped me install works all over St. Remy... was my fav time ever!

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Nice! Summer in provence! What was the subject of the art you created there?

michaeldefeo: in St. Remy we just did flowers everywhere, in Tarascon I did a huge mural... my homage to Caillbotte's, Rainy Day in Paris

michaeldefeo: In Les Baux I installed some flowers at the request of their mayor in their central, ancient building...

oh... also did a "flower stand" in St. Remy... lots of activity all over!

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo - Wow! The mayor ASKED you? How did he know about your work?

michaeldefeo: yes... the entire series of installations happened via my participation in AP'art, an international fest of contemporary art...

michaeldefeo: Les Baux is amazing... it dates from about the 10th C. or so... check it out:

Here's the site for AP'art... it's an incredible festival!

jaschaffer: @MichaelDeFeo are you "making it", living off of your art?

michaeldefeo: @jaschaffer I teach art at a high school in CT... the rest of the time I'm with my daughter, in the studio, or in the streets.

@MichaelDeFeo cool. is your art a good source of income at this point in your career?

michaeldefeo: @jaschaffer it treats me well... I can't complain.

jaschaffer: @MichaelDeFeo that's great to hear!

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo are you back in NYC now?

michaeldefeo: I live just outside NYC in the burbs and yes, I'm home at the moment...

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo What are you working on now?

michaeldefeo: I'm in a show that opens 2morrow in NYC celebrating Jihae's new album she's performing as well...

michaeldefeo: I'm also in Aldrich Undercover a fundraiser for @TheAldrich Museum this Nov. amongst lots of other expo's

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo in which other cities did you install your artwork?

michaeldefeo: this Summer I installed works in Philly, Fort Lauderdale, Hong Kong, St. Remy, Tarascon, Les Baux, and I forget where else...

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo you travel a lot! Ever installed your work in a airport?

michaeldefeo: haven't installed my work in an airport just yet, however, I frequently create works on blueprints of airports ...

michaeldefeo: blueprint paper is my favorite paper to use for street works...

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo How do you install your work? In a clandestine way, at night, or openly, during the day?

michaeldefeo: I install both openly during the day and very late at night or early AM...

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Have you ever gotten caught installing your work?

michaeldefeo: I've been caught numerous times and have had my share of "run-ins".

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Any advice for artist who work in public spaces?

michaeldefeo: always keep it from your heart and be careful : )

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Thank you so much for participating in this, our first Twitter Party!

michaeldefeo: ArtCultureMtl My pleasure... and thank YOU! Wow, the hour just flew by... I feel like we were just getting started!

ArtCultureMtl: @MichaelDeFeo Yes, I agree :) Let's do this again! Thanks again, Michael.



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