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I found the artwork of Pim Palsgraaf in the most unusual place - a tattoo shop. New York Adorned is a mecca for really unique jewelry, not to mentioned, amazing tattoos and piercings. One day while browsing through the glimmering gold serpent rings and feather necklaces, my eyes met with the most unlikely creature of all:

The one I met was a furry raccoon (who was dubbed "handsome man", which I squealed upon discovery). Although this is not the exact piece of art, the premise is quite similar. In Palsgraaf's series, "Multiscapes", animals of all varieties brace themselves under precariously placed urban structures. This monochromic and helplessly grim overgrowth is inspired by Palsgraaf's place of residence, Rotterdam.  City-dwellers and scavengers alike can find something familiar with his work because his petrified pets are oddly filled with the most unlikely life. Imagine a crustacean scuttling through the ocean bottom, picking out pieces of detritus to create a portable, organic dwelling. He'll carry what's important on him; leaving the rest behind. As the warm weather brings New York inhabitants out of their homes and into the streets and markets, I can only picture us all as creatures of the wild; only here to collect mementos along the way.

Take a look at the full series, here.


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