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posted on 01.12.10

Often the repetition in advertising creates its own logic.  Why is a tiger a better symbol for a brand of sugar coated corn flakes than a white seal?  I like to think this character's name is "Frosty the Seal".  (After all, seals often live in cold climates where it could be considered "frosty" but tigers rarely do.)  The random choices of advertising cartoon characters is made apparent by the unfamiliarity of generic packaging.  That's also why it's funny to see recognizable products in other countries with seemingly incongruous character mascots.  On the whole, I like this package- the bright blues contrast with the natural shades of the cereal, red and yellow accents, and that happy seal who looks truly excited and proud to present "Hojuelas de Maiz Escarchadas" to the world.

At the top right corner of the bag is a wry touch.  Someone thought instructions and a dotted line would be the same as adding a feature to this packaging design.  Does the person who came up with this have a highly developed ironic sense of humor or are they completely lacking in any understanding of comedy?

Maybe I can use this strategy.  My next post could be titled "Interesting Info Just For YOU!" with instructions to get up and read something interesting and then come back here.

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