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posted on 01.05.10


This is a collection of performance pieces spontaneously staged in cities.  It is a necessarily urban art form that relies on our knowing acceptance of social protocol for public spaces.  The context of how we are expected to behave and the way things are supposed to happen provide the framework for events that are out of place.  Performances like these fall somewhere between the unintended theater of strangers and planned gatherings such as parades, protests and entertainments.

Do-Re-Mi in Belgium

McDonalds Men's Room Attendant Times Square

A full explanation of the planning and carrying out of the McDonalds mission is here:

ImprovEverywhere McDonalds Men's Room Attendant


Food Court Musical

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“Awesome Post and this exactly more of what the world needs, a little more positive spontanuous love. made me feel real good inside”
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