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posted on 12.31.09





Normally, I try not to pay too much attention to commercials because they are usually uncreative and banal. As well, most commercials are directed and produced by people that have too much focus on the financial bottom line, and unfortunately little creative sense.  

I’ve written about another ad campaign for Sony Bravia-see here. What I liked about that ad was the ingenuity, and sheer hard work it obviously took to create the ad, as well that it played to an innocent, fun sense of wonder that anyone could take part in. 

These three ads (see videos below) grabbed my attention because they’re creative, fun and simply genius. Two of the ads: ‘Google Wave’ and ‘Nokia N900’ highlight a particular type of technology, or technological application, whereas the New Zealand Book Council animates, and makes evident the dark imagination that pulses through in a reading of popular fiction.



1/Google Wave ‘Pulp Fiction’ Created by Joe Sabia  

2/Film for NZ Book Council * Produced by Colenso BBDO * Animated by Andersen M Studio 

3/The Nokia N900 - the journey starts here




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