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I thought I would post some images of Andre Courreges sixties space age fashions today.  Courreges, along with Parisian couturiers like Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin were largely reponsible for the youthful and fun space age looks of the mid nineteen-sixties.  Courreges had recieved his training under the great couturier Christobal Balenciaga; while Balenicaga's clothes should be considered as modern masterpieces, Courreges took things a step further and made fashions for the future.

His clothing from the sixties is characterized by their simple cuts, often A-line silhouette, and often monochromatic color schemes.  In addition to his futuristic fashions, Courreges often designed matching sunglasses, go-go boots, and helmet-like hats to match his dresses.  One of his most famous clients from the decade was the French pop singer Francoise Hardy; she preferred to wear his simple pant suits for her public performances.


I hope you like his work; Courreges is one of my favorite designers of the twentieth century.  I guess what I like most about his work is that it never takes itself too seriously.  His dresses were haute couture, but their youthful energy makes me long for an era when fashion was about having fun, expressing your individuality, and making bold statements through dress.

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