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Cathy Wilkes is an artist from Northern Ireland. She is best known for her sculptural installations which explore the conceptual and emotional resonances of found objects. In 2008 she was nominated for the turner prize and if you follow the link below you can hear a wonderful interview with her explaining her thoughts behind her work and interest in the apprehension of language through objects.

Here is a lovely little quote of her talking about her work:

"...I've used the motif, I suppose it is, of the nurse and shop mannequins to try to feel what someone else feels. Looking for yourself in art, trying to see what someone else saw, this is to do with the separation that there is between people and the impossibility of completely feeling what someone else feels. I think that this is most extreme, and most human, and most painful when someone is caring for someone else or someone is nursing someone else and trying to feel what they feel while being a companion to them. This might be in friendship or in actual nursing, or in a relationship, but to try to feel what someone else feels and to accompany them in their experience of life and in their suffering to me is related to what I am looking for in language as I apprehend it from somewhere outside me..." 



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