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This weekend the MoMA opens an exciting, in-depth retrospective of Tim Burton's work. I had a chance to see the exhibit during previews and this is definitely one to check out!

MoMA's Ron Magliozzi and Jenny He managed to tour Burton's home and gather pieces to put together a fascinating timeline of Burton's 27 year career featuring works that date back to Burton's school-age archives, through his studies at CalArts, Disney-era animations and some particularly interesting storyboards, drawings and models from his much-loved films. Particularly memorable from the vast collection of Polaroids, sculptures, notes, paintings and movies are the glimpses into Burton's thought process -- I adored seeing his pen and ink figure drawing from the 70's that has a tiny monstrous afterthought creeping up the bottom of the page. The storyboards and conceptions of character and action are amazing insights and greatly refresh interest in films that many fans have seen over and over. You can read his childhood essay on the horror of going to the doctor's office and gaze across the galleries at Johnny Depp's legendary "Edward Scissorhands" costume, a curiously dark, antenna'ed, glass-eyed robot stirring and opening it's brain in the midst.


They're also screening 14 of his films, as well as a collection Burton curated himself of movies that inspired him, which is entitled "The Lurid Beauty of Monsters." Within the exhibit you can also view a number of his Flash animated shorts en route to a small gallery of pieces exhibited under black light, including some wonderfully eery monsters painted on velvet and an iconic carousel. Puppets from "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Batman masks and watercolors of the aliens from "Mars Attacks" and the chance to see some of his early films , both animated and live action, as well as commercial work are special treats.

The exhibit runs through April.

View the film schedule for "Tim Burton and the Lurid Beauty of Monsters" here:

And here's an interview with Tim Burton from ComicCon in July, where he speaks about "Alice In Wonderland":

“I love Tim Burton! Lisa here. I hope everyone's having a good time.”
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