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posted on 11.18.09
by Troy

I'm rethinking all that stuff I want from IKEA…thanks in part to Mon Oncle, my new-found favorite film by Jacques Tati. 

Mon Oncle takes comedic jabs at everything a “comtemporary-ist” would find cool and chic and of-the-moment (slap in the face to yours truly), buts it’s interesting because Mon Oncle was filmed and released circa 1958.  The film, set in post-war France, follows M. Hulot, an awkward simpleton of a man, as he charms his jaded nephew in a gadget-film home…post-war France apparently had an obsession with modernity and consumerism.  Le film was well received mind you; it won an Oscar for “Best Foreign Language Film”, a “Special Prize” at Cannes, and a New York Film Critics Award.  The sets are fabulous, the je ne sais quoi of the characters are fabulous, and the sounds of the costumes are even more fabulous. C’est la vie.

(Available HERE IN FULL via YouTube)

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