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posted on 11.17.09
by Troy

Scumbags don’t always suck and some kids just like sex.

These are the realizations I’ve come to after watching Towelhead – the film adaptation of Alicia Erian’s story of Jasira, a thirteen-year-old girl blossoming faster than a night-blooming cactus in Houston, Texas.

The film has several mini-climaxes that grab you by the PC muscles and make sure you’re paying attention, like when Jasira’s Lebanese father pummels her in a car (a scene sure to make you think of Rihanna) and when young Jasira (played by Summer Bishil) announces who she lost her virginity to, to a room full of people. 

As the characters (directed by Alan Ball) are pushed through their earthly trials and learn what they can, you come to see their value to Jasira and her awakening.  And as this happens, you may find yourself thinking that perhaps she does, in fact, now have enough life experience to decide and acknowledge to herself that “yes, I do like sex” and “yes, I know who I want it from”.

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