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posted on 11.08.09

This is one of a somewhat random series of posts that suggests a paired outing to a unique, free or reasonably priced, cultural experience in los angeles and a neighboring restaurant.

Machine Project / Echo Park Film Center and Pizza Buona

Machine Project is on Alvarado at Sunset Boulevard in Echo Park.

"Machine Project is a non-profit community space in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles investigating art, technology, natural history, science, music, literature, and food. In our storefront on North Alvarado street we produce events, workshops, and site-specific installations using hands-on engagement to make rarefied knowledge accessible.

Outside of the storefront, we operate as a loose confederacy of artists producing shows at locations ranging from the Santa Monica beach to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. We’re currently developing a year long project (starting in January 2010) exploring how visitors experience the Hammer Museum."  (from Machine Project website)

To give you a flavor of Machine Project here's a sample of some recent events:

Programming the iPhone 101

Learn to program your iPhone.

Dorkbot SoCal 38

Dorkbot SoCal 38, featuring people doing strange things with electricity.

Paleolithic Skills & Survival Workshops

A series of workshops on paleolithic skills, including rope-making, basket-weaving, making stone knives, and friction by fire.

“Flatlands: Non-Hierarchical Space and its Uses” – a talk by Sam Gould

Sam Gould talks about non-hierarchical space and its uses in a lecture that covers everything from the International Pop Underground Convention to Vietnam Day and the story of Home, WA.

Reach Out And Touch Face: A Rant About Failing

A rant about failing. Also a discussion of selection processes and abandoned products (developmental derailments, sobering intermediary results, useless prototypes) and what things are beyond their prescribed uses.
The return of the monthly Max/MSP/Jitter users supergroup.
Poet Eileen Myles reads new work.

Monster Prop and Costume Workshop

Hunter Jackson teaches you to design, construct, and finish your own costumes and props out of foam.

Killsonic Women’s Choir and Amplified Percussion Ensemble

A musical performance by the Killsonic Women’s Choir and Amplified Percussion Ensemble.

Bookbinding with Kristen St. John

Join Kristen St. John, bookbinder and collections conservator for the UCLA Library, in exploring the diverse possibilities of hand bound book structure.

Also, right next door is the Echo Park Film Center.

"Echo Park Film Center is a volunteer-run, non-profit media arts organization located in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. We provide equal and affordable access to film/video education and resources via:

  • a community microcinema and meeting space

  • free and nominal cost media arts education programs

  • a comprehensive small format film equipment and service department

  • a touring film festival showcasing local established and student filmmakers"

(from Echo Park Film Center website)

Visible from Machine Project and Echo Park Film Center is Pizza Buona, a traditional family run Italian restaurant right on the corner of Alvarado and Sunset.  Keep in mind they are cash only and close for two weeks in August.  I recommend the eggplant and marinated tomato pizza.

Pizza Buona info on Yelp:

Machine Project:

Echo Park Film Center:

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