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posted on 11.05.09

I discovered the track for Darkstar about a week ago; dubstep genre is new for me, but there is a strong link to some of the trance- and drone-electronica I’ve been listening to for the past year or so (or attempted). There is a strong tendency to create  strongly differentiated genres out of  a perceived snobbery (even when the similarities are quite obvious). Electro-acoustic is ‘high’ and Dance music is ‘low’.   

I’ve included another band on the Hyperdub label: Burial. Darkstar’s track is more dance-like, reminiscent of, and taking-the-piss-out-of early computer video games. Burial’s track is darker, eerie, atmospheric and uses the drum-and-bass aesthetic in a completely different way from Darkstar.

1/ Darkstar: Aidy's Girl's A Computer

2/ Burial: Lambeth (2009)


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