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posted on 10.30.09

First, the music. Glass of wine? No? Well, I’ll put the kettle on, then, and we’ll have a spot of tea.  Thank you so much for coming by-I had promised you, my good friend, a tour of my world-renowned library, and you have very kindly reminded me to keep my promise! How do you like the music? Sublime, don’t you think? Perahia does a wonderful job with the Bach-I have another recording around…somewhere…of Gavrilov also performing the Goldberg variations, but you know I’ll never find it when I’m looking for it. Anyway. Sorry. But Murray has a wonderful, sensitive touch that is really quite superb, yes.

Oh, but I do go on then, don’t I? Aaha! Here’s the painter I had mentioned earlier-he’s a Japanese Canadian painter: Nakamura? Sound familiar? Well, he should be. I remember visiting the Art Gallery of Ontario when I was in uni and only going to see this one painting. I have no idea why I was so drawn to it-apart from his use of this luminous blue colour, but I will never get tired of gazing at this surreal and beautiful work. Anyway, where were we? Oh right, you were mentioning that lovely little restaurant you found in Kensington Market in Toronto-Jumbo Empanadas, wasn’t it? Well I went yesterday. I couldn’t believe it, all they sell are empanadas! Absolutely delicious, thank you so much for the shout out. And you know-whilst I was sitting, chowing down on this fabulous food, they were playing this cool-sounding US band-oh, what were they called…your son mentioned the name once…Monkee? Chimpanzee? Oh, what is it? Well, anyway I actually found an interview with one of the members of the band at Wired magazine here.

Speaking of more food-by the way, afternoon tea will be ready soon-I visited the Hungarian Pastry Shop in New York recently and I have never felt so guilty. My diet has completely gone south! But I did see that play that R- had spoken about at the lecture, and…oh, sorry, didn’t I mention? It was August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone playing at the Belasco Theatre. Standing room only, and it was not surprising, given the excellence of the production. I saw it in April this year, and I am so glad I made the effort to head to New York.  Do you see this picture? My friend has known one of the cast members (Roger Robinson) for a while, and he very kindly invited us into his dressing room after the play. I felt so privileged! He received so much praise for his role as Bynum Walker, the wise man…

I forgot the tea! I am so sorry! Give me a few minutes-here I’ll give you a magazine to look over… I know, isn’t it lovely? They always have such lovely covers. I discovered it years ago, and I’ve been meaning to take out a subscription, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. It is a literary magazine, but it is also a literary journal, of sorts-I’ve always kind of considered it a literary journal for the soul, you know? Oh, never mind me, just have a look-through  and tell me what you think?

(The Author returns after 10 minutes)

Here’s the tea! And lunch isn’t quite ready yet-I am ever so sorry-so I’ve just brought some biscuits and cake, I think that will tide us over for now.

By the way, did you find those websites I sent the links for?  You know how I love poetry-thank you so much for inviting me to the reading last week, I think that Mrs H- is a wonderful speaker…you never received the links? I am so sorry! Well, my laptop is just sitting right here, and I’ll just do a re-send then, shall I? Here we go and here we go. It’s not poetry in the traditional sense (as I had mentioned at the reading), but I really like the way the sites create a visual-oh, how shall I call it-a visual topography of meaning and metaphor that inundates the words with crepuscular-what! That is not true-I certainly do not use overly flowery language when I speak, it’s just the way I am. I don’t care what they say-Mrs B- and Miss W-would do well to read more and mind their own business. I know you don’t care (but thank you for letting me know anyway). What are you handing me?  You’ve finished the book-well, that was quick! What did you think of The End of the Affair? Spiritually confusing? Whatever do you mean?  Do you know what Graham Greene said? That this novel was about “ a man who was to be driven and overwhelmed by the accumulation of natural coincidences, until he broke and began to accept the incredible —the possibility of a God.” Oh, for pity’s sake, read it again, it doesn’t matter if you’re an atheist, trust me, you won’t turn into a raving Catholic!

How’s the tea? Excellent? Good-sorry to change the subject so quickly, but I just have to show you the article I read that mentioned this new remix artist everyone is just raving about, he calls himself Pogo and he lives-with his parents, I think, in Western Australia.  You will love the video he made called ‘Alice’: he has a very good feel for both visual and sound colour. 

And following from the article, I’ll also lend you my copy of this beautiful catalogue for Olafur Eliasson’s Weather Project show at the Tate a few years ago…wait, I know it’s here, why can’t I find it? Oh, you’ve got it because I lent it to you already! Well, what was I thinking? Tell me, now, what do you think? Well, I don’t care that you’re jealous that I saw the show-twice, don’t you know, but it was stupendously brilliant. The Tate’s turbine hall was an excellent venue for the exhibit. Eliasson really created an artwork in which we all felt like we were part of the art on display! I love the Tate-magnificent gallery…have you been? Not yet? What are you waiting for; you’re not getting any younger. But at least you have been to London, yes? You did get to Camden Market, at least? Good! Oh-what did you say? That’s where you got those amazing shoes you’re wearing-well, why didn’t you say so? It’s my turn to be jealous, but I can honestly say that they suit you to a perfectly.

Ahh-there’s the bell, let’s off for our small repast now then, shall we?







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