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Photo credit: Saša Miljević


I went to see a piece by Ame Henderson and Matija Ferlin at Tangente theatre last night and if your in Montreal this week you should go check it out. 

Ame Henderson is the founder of Toronto based company Public Recordings and is currently studying at the Amsterdam Theatre School. The Most Together We've Ever Been is the fourth piece of Ame's I've seen and the second with Matija Ferlin from Croatia, who a graduate of the SNDO in Amsterdam as well. 

I don't want to say too much about the piece because I really think it's best to go into it with no prior knowledge. If your hungry for information after I suggest this lovely interview by Sylvain Verstricht on indyish.’ve-ever-been-an-interview/

Described by Ame as "a never-ending series of beginnings..." the two take the audience by the hand (in some cases literally) into a state of "constant hellos". The piece also features interesting scenography which I'm told is created by a different local artist wherever they perform it made of local materials, in this case it was made by Mauricio Ferlin. 

It's refreshing to see a work which is very clear in its conceptual offerings while still being fun and exciting to watch.


The Most Together We've Ever Been is on until sunday.


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