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Heads up, everyone! The good folks at NAISA (New Adventure in Sound Art) have an excellent line up for their 8th Annual SOUNDplay Festival. What is the relationship between the social ‘polis’ and sound? How do we go about making ‘art’ or ‘music’ out of the ubiquitous sounds or noise that surround us? The Canadian organization NAISA has created a much-needed platform for the dissemination and creation of music/sound and art. They are also involved in creating and developing a dialogue that seeks to educate its audience and artists by exposing them to the entire spectrum of innovative sound art and sound technologies, including work in a variety of artistic disciplines. The end goal is to present audio experiences that encourage new forms of listening.

Link for NAISA’s site is here.

Link for NAISA’s page on Art and Culture is here.


New Adventures in Sound Art is a non-profit organization that produces performances and installations spanning the entire spectrum of electroacoustic and experimental sound art. In offering workshops, lectures, and demonstrations that teach a new perception of sound, New Adventures in Sound Art offers the opportunity to educate artists and audiences both locally and abroad.


All events take place in Toronto, Ontario (Canada):


3-Sided Square at Toronto (new music) Marathon
by Darren Copeland Saturday September 26 (2 to 10 PM) FREE
at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.

Yonge-Dundas Square as a musical instrument? In between performances on the main stage, New Adventures in Sound Art Artistic Director Darren Copeland directs and performs in 3-Sided Square. Sounds from the square are collected by a six member sound art collective and transformed in order to create "on the spot" sound portraits of Yonge-Dundas Square. This eight-hour event, organized by Contact Contemporary Music, features music of Alan Bloor, Kyle Brenders, John Cage, Donnacha Dennehy, Philip Glass, Jim Harley, Brent Lee, Chad Martin, Stephen Montague, Jordan Nobles, Steven Reich, Ann Southam, Julia Wolfe and possibly even more, performed by Wallace Halladay, Jim Harley, JunctQin, Kyle BrenderÕs Large Ensemble, Rob McDonald, Christina Petrowska Quilico, Pholde, Quartetto Graphica, Allison Wiebe and the Contact Ensemble. 


Les Puits by Marie Côté and Olivier Girouard
at Gladstone Hotel, 2nd floor gallery, 1214 Queen St. West
presented in collaboration with the Gladstone Hotel as part of UpArt!

Thursday October 22 to Sunday October 25, 2009
(Event coincides with 10th Anniversary of Art Toronto (formerly TIAF))
Exhibition hours:
Thurs Oct 22 4pm - 8pm PREVIEW
Fri Oct 23 12pm - 11pm
Sat Oct 24 12pm - 7pm
Sun Oct 25 12pm - 5pm
Gala Reception Fri Oct 23 7-11pm - with live performances and DJ

Intrinsically silent ceramic bowls surprise the viewer in Les Puits by simply the act of making sound. As there is nothing to reveal the speakers hidden within the bowls, the imagination of the audience member must discover the source of the music. Sounds from a studio transport audiences to the very location where the bowls were created. The installation's poetic resonance carries them through a place and time that wouldn't be possible without the intersection of the bowls on display and the sound projected through them. The wonder is in this intersection, when the viewer identifies the source of the sound and suddenly, the ceramic bowls are singing.

 Sound(e)scape presented as part of Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Saturday October 3 to Sunday October 4 (7 PM to 7 AM) FREE
at NAISA Space, 601 Christie Street #252, Toronto

Works spatialized by Darren Copeland, Hector Centeno, Andrew Stewart,

October 3-4, 7pm - 7am, FREE
Tree (ipod) installation (Jane Tingley)  continues to October 25, 2009
The NAISA Space (#252) & The Loop Studio Centre for Lively Arts (#170)
Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St, Toronto

“…This work explores the poetics involved in creating new relationships between human and plant life, and subverts the traditional hierarchy, which positions plant life below human life. The installation evokes the possibility of developing technologies that are nature-centric rather than human-centric - and breath life back into the idea of the enchanted forest. The installation invites the viewer to walk through a sensorial environment, where the movement of the body collaborates with the objects in the space, and creates new auditory experiences for both plant and viewer." - Jane Tingley

Jane Tingley’s website can be found here. 

Jean Piché Retrospective (1999-2009)
Videomusic Presentation
October 8, 2009 (8 PM) $15/10
@ Loop Studio Centre for Lively Arts, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie #170, Toronto

+ October 9, 2009 (7-10 PM) FREE during the James Street North Art Crawl
@ The Factory, Hamilton Media Arts Centre,
126 James Street North, Hamilton, 905-577-9191 /

NAISA artistic director Darren Copeland curates a program of videomusic works by Jean Piché that have been inspirational to the investigation of this medium by NAISA in its SOUNDplay programming since 2003. The works will be presented in Triple Screen HD in a concert format at the Loop Studio in Toronto with an artist Q&A and in an installation format with an artist Q&A at The Factory during the James Street North Art Crawl in Hamilton. The performance in Toronto will be preceded by Freida Abtan's new large scale videomusic work "The Hands of the Dancer."

Contact Contemporary Music Ensemble perform works by Christopher Fox and Yannis Kyriakides
Co-Presented with Contact Contemporary Music

October 16 and 17, 2009 (8 PM) $15/10
@ Loop Studio Centre for Lively Arts, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie #170, Toronto

The Contact Contemporary Music Ensemble performs "Strangers in our Midst" by Christopher Fox and "Dreams of the Blind" by Yannis Kyriakides. The performance is preceded by Brent Lee's evocative videomusic work "I hear your voice in the circling night". Montreal sound artist Nancy Tobin presents SUGARscape, an immersive and meditative work based on recordings of sugar cane fields in Martinique, Caribbean islands.

Yannis Kyriakides’ You Tube (see below):

(1) Dreams of the Blind #1 (Supermarket Guy)

(2) Dreams of the Blind #2 (Floating Table)

(3) Dreams of the Blind #3 (The Hairdresser)

Pierre Hébert and Stefan Smulovitz perform + screenings of Toronto animation artists
Co-Presented with Pleasure Dome
Oct 23 and 24, 2009 (8 PM) $15/10
@ Loop Studio Centre for Lively Arts, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie #170, Toronto

Sounds Scary
Oct 29 & 30 for schools (times TBA) - please contact for booking your class

Oct 31, 2009, 9 am to 5 pm, FREE

@ Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie, Toronto

CONCRETE Toronto, a performance by Debashis Sinha & Yosuhiro Morinaga
co-presented with CONCRETE
November 7, 2009 (8pm) $15/10

@ the NAISA Space, 601 Christie St #252

CONCRETE Toronto, presented by New Adventures in Sound Art, will be the first ever collaboration with Yasuhiro Morinaga (Tokyo) and Debashis Sinha (Toronto). Each artist has an extensive practice in sound/radiophonic art, collecting field recordings all over the world for use in their compositions for CD, art galleries, cinema, radio and the internet. In Toronto, Morinaga and Sinha will draw upon their large archives of field recordings to present a new auditory and visual actualization of the Musique Concrete idea, one filtered through a geographic and artistic experience that is informed by a new global reality of cultural and creative openness. Also included will be \"harmonium\", a 4 movement video/audio work exploring the nature of sound as vibration and "Liquid Amber" by Maggie Payne, a videomusic work that explores compelling image and sound.

Yosuhiro Morinaga’s You Tube (see below):

(4) Concrete Vol. 1


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