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posted on 08.22.09

…a thank you goes out to Adam for the wonderful idea of ‘quiet music’…


I’d like to introduce a wonderful site I’ve been following for some time now. 

Marc Weidenbaum of Disquiet has created a site that he calls ‘a little locus of ambient and other electronic music.’ And it most certainly is. There are also interviews, reviews, and a great variety of electronica to listen to and download, if you wish.

(audio samples are on the links)

The first audio sample is a remix of a track by Tim Prebble off of Tony Allen’s Afrobeat album, Secret Agent. This is the link to the article here.

The second sample is from an artist based in Japan called Mel, whose album Noncompliance is from the China-based netlabel Bypass (

This is the link to the article here.


The third track (I’ll give you the You Tube video as a bonus) is from an Australian ambient/trance/trip hop/electronica composer who goes by the name Pogo.

I’ll be uploading an interview with Pogo very soon. He is an extremely intelligent, articulate and talented artist and well deserves all the attention he has been receiving.

More fun stuff! BTW, check out Devlyn van Loon’s blog post on Minilogue here


To be honest, I’ve only recently (like say, within the last three years) begun to infiltrate the world of electronica and other forms of sound art. I absolutely love it: this is a growing and powerful means of musical and artistic expression, and I’d like to start introducing you, my dear readers, to the very many websites, organisations and composers that are part of the community.

The image above is take from





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Unknown User says:
“Thanks for the shout out to my previous posting, I've been listening to Pogo for awhile as well and his synthesis between the altered sounds and visuals is awe inspiring. You might enjoy this as well, it reminds me of Minilogue. ”
Posted over 6 years ago
GraceAnne replies:
“No problem! Thanks for link...”
Posted over 6 years ago
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