All That I AM

All That I AM is an edition series organized by curator Larry Ossei-Mensah in collaboration with Art and Culture Projects that explores the complexities of cultural identity through the lens of contemporary art. The second installment of this series features three dynamic female artists Firelei Baez, Jamea Richmond-Edwards and Deborah Roberts, all of whom skillfully utilize figuration as a tool as to explore the complicated layers that encompass the African American and Afro-Caribbean experience and identity. As a result of their rigorous studio practices, Baez, Richmond-Edwards, and Roberts portray their subjects with surgical care as they unapologetically engage the viewer’s gaze with regal self-assurance.

Using techniques that incorporate painting, collage, mixed media in addition to other materials, Baez, Richmond-Edwards, and Roberts construct transformative narratives replete with a web of cultural, social, political, and art historical references that celebrate marginalized individuals who history has mistreated, exploited, or grossly overlooked. These three artists create colorful works with bravado that beguile and invite the viewer to confront the plethora of issues, ideas, and concerns manifested through their work as they embark on a quest to rewrite the constructs that shape our culture, society, and identity today.

The first installment featured artists Derrick Adams, Sanford Biggers, Phoebe Boswell, and Kameelah Janan Rasheed. All four artists meticulously question edifice, language, narrative, and self image. Their nuanced modus operandi pushes the boundaries of the status quo by challenging the viewer to confront a variety of issues that impact daily life, from the construction of identity via the media to the malleability of race-related vocabulary.

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