20th-Century & Beyond

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    "THE PASSING STRANGE" is a FREEHAND acrylic/airbrush painting. 40" X 30" in size. It was done on 4-ply rag board. While this painting was done from imagination, its sources were, subconsciously, studies done in my life drawing workshop. I believe that NATURE is the primary ...
    on Wednesday
  • Salty Sails
    Acrylic on Canvas 36" x 36" - 2014 www.jessagilbert.com Part of a series of paintings exploring movement and the passing of time, with an interest in showcasing personal experiences in British Columbia, through the use of color, shape, and line.
    on Tuesday
    BONNET is a freehand pigment print created on a computer using a Wacom pad and pen. The process used in creating this print is similar to my painting approach. This print is 15" X 12" in size and presented in a limited edition of 50. The motivation for this print was my tre ...
    4 months ago
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