The musical film is a film genre in which several songs sung by the characters are interwoven into the narrative. The songs are used to advance the plot or develop the film's characters. A subgenre of the musical film is the... [more]

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To wrap up our extended look at music and film this month, I'll be looking at my favourite musicals! Of course, there are the classics: Singing in the Rain, West Side Story, and The Sound of Music, all of which I've seen hundreds of times, and I could sing along to each and every song. But it seems that the era of the classic musical is over. The most contemporary musical that really works for me is from 1986, a six-part BBC series called The Singing Detective, written by Dennis Potter and directed by Jon Amiel (NOT the 2003 remake with Robert Downey Jr.! - though I think Robert Downey Jr. is great, the remake could never live up to the
by Natalie
Pee-Wee Herman appeared last night on the second to last episode of Conan O'brien's "Tonight Show," to help break down the events that lead up to Conan's break from NBC. Pee-Wee (AKA Paul Reubens) aficionados know that the character -- loosely

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