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The architectural forms that emerged in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, the Islamic world and elsewhere formed the literal and figurative foundation for later styles. Imagine, all that geometry accomplished without even a sliderule let alone a computer. And, heavy. Those stone... [more]

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The last week has been a blur of airplanes, trains, boats and buses, and so my Cultural Diary is most atypical of my normal daily life. Since my four-year-old son was born, I don’t travel as much as I used to, but I decided to carpe the diem and schlep him off to visit a friend in Athens, Greece. So, my Diary happens to include a tourist’s view of Grecian art and architecture, not something that happens every day! Athens is certainly a study in contrasts! Many of its sidewalks are made of marble, which is beautiful but treacherously slippery in a drizzle; the air is filled with exhaust fumes from the traffic that roars through the city, but the streets

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