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Alternative rock, sometimes termed "new music" or "college rock" due to the playtime college radio stations afforded it, emerged during the early- to mid-1980's and is often characterized by an iconoclastic, anti-commercial attitude. It has become an umbrella term for independent... [more]

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Mark Sandman, lead singer, bassist, and songwriter of the seminal indie rock band Morphine, died on July 3, 1999. He had a heart attack while performing in Palestrina, Italy. Sandman revealed little about his life, which makes his songs all the more intriguing. They are simultaneously confessional and vague, like you are hearing him speak to a specific person, not to the public. For example, what exactly happened on March 4, 1982, on which date Sandman says “if I’m guilty, so are you” (“Radar” from Yes)? Did he have a long-time affair every Thursday afternoon at some motel called the Wagon Wheel (“Thursday” from Cure for Pain)? The early 1990s were a heyday for independent rock, with many bands going on

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