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Of all the artistic genres, fashion has been slapped with the worst condemnation: frivolity. It's a discipline of flounces and featherweight chiffons, seemingly all surface and no substance. It doesn't help that its main archives are glossy pages of style rags,... [more]

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I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of my top 5 best dresses fellows in honor of my love of menswear. These guys were/are all impeccable dressers, but with a wide variety of persomal style. I think what they all share is fierce individuality, sophisticated tastes, and a sense of daring. Although I can think of many others who are also inspired dressers ( Brian Ferry, Oscar Wilde, John Galliano, and obviously David Bowie), these men were/are so stylish and sexy, that to me they personify the quintessential dandy. 1. Keith Richards My all time favorite man! Richards has always epitomized the rock and roll outlaw, and his rebellious fashion sense brought together a mish mash of cultures and
I know I've written about Betty Catroux before, but she is one of my favorites. Her personal style iss so dark and masculine. Betty's love of black and leather set against her white blonde hair makes her such a cool and sophisticated
Lately I have been more and more interested in menswear. I have always loved and studied womens fashion, but on a trip to Paris recently I saw the military uniform collections at Les Invalides. It was amazing; the beautifully tailored uniforms made
I thought I would post some images of Andre Courreges sixties space age fashions today. Courreges, along with Parisian couturiers like Paco Rabanne and Pierre Cardin were largely reponsible for the youthful and fun space age looks of the mid nineteen-sixties. Courreges had

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What Is Your Favorite Label? And Why?

I'm not one to pinpoint labels and put them in a preverbal box/bag with tissue paper, but I think Mexx has proven to be the one...
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