In 1878 photographer Edward Muybridge was called by railroad baron Leland Stanford to settle a bet: do horses have all four feet off the ground at any one time? By using a camera, Muybridge was able to isolate the movements of... [more]

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Over the last few weeks, I have been able to absorb myself in many of New York’s exhibitions and events, mainly in the field of photography. At almost any given time, This city offers a multitude of things to see and do, usually more than a person can handle. I was able to take advantage of the last showing of IF ONE THING MATTERS – A FILM ABOUT WOLFGANG TILLMANS by Heiko Kalmbach at the Anthology Film Archives. For those of you who are unfamiliar with AFA, It is an international center for preserving and exhibiting film, and houses cinematic treasures from nearly every time period and genre. IF ONE THING MATTERS provides an intimate look at Photographer
The last decade has been a time of great activity in the field of contemporary photography. Now fully accepted as a fine art medium, it has become one of the most exciting and fastest changing of the visual art forms. With
The unexpectedly freezing weather kept me from going out as much as I'd like to this week (I'm new to the East Coast, and unprepared for real seasons), but the irresisitible lure of gravestones and accordion music drew me out of
I decided to do one more list in honor of the 10 for 2010 fiesta here at art&culture. Today, one of the most influential occupations to hold in the fashion industry is the photographer. My list of ten is very diverse

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Favorite Film Process?

Posted over 5 years ago by Unknown User
My favorite film process is taking Kodacrome Slides, painting them with toxic household ingredients and burning them with fire.
Posted over 5 years ago by Unknown User
i enjoy the simplicity of salt prints and cyanotypes
Posted over 5 years ago by Danielle Ezzo
i think that the collodion process yields some the best looking prints and instills in them aspects of the process, as well
Posted over 5 years ago by brett mayfield

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