Assemblage is a technique that emerged in the 1950s as a three-dimensional counterpart to collage. Its roots can be traced back to the synthetic phase of Cubism in works by Picasso and Braque, and to Duchamp's Readymades -- however, the term... [more]

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Favorite Artist Working In Assemblage?

Joseph Cornell
Posted about 1 year ago by ArtDirectorPerfect
Joseph Cornell
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TAM TAM's Montréal, Québec, Canada
TAM TAM / details
The Future Noise LIVE New York, United States
The Future Noise / details


Mister Artsee Brooklyn, NY, United States

Mister Artsee

Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
artists, musicians, story tellers, composers, urban planners, designers,
curators, educators and... / read more

58 Gallery Jersey City, NJ, United States

The idea of 58 was based on a very simple and obvious question. How do we show so much talent that has fallen through the cracks of the art politics in the metropolitan area?The answer was to do it... / read more

x-initiative New York, NY, United States

X is an initiative of the global art community, with a goal to inspire and challenge us to think about new possibilities for experiencing and producing contemporary art. In the creation of the... / read more

On Stellar Rays New York, NY, United States

The gallery name originates from a 9th century text by Al-Kindi, entitled de Radiis, or On Rays. De Radiis explores early Greek theories of physics and optics, and further posits the effect of astral... / read more

Blank Space New York, NY, United States

provides a platform where art and fashion converge. / read more


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