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Installation art resists definition because of the impermanence of its exhibitions, and because it has picked up influences everywhere, from Futurism to Dada, from Assemblage to Minimalism. Nonetheless, this artistic form, in all its guises, definitively explores the notion that space... [more]

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This August in the music area of Art+Culture, we explored ‘Quiet Music’ (Read [Part 1] [Part 2] and [Part 3]). Thanks to everyone for reading and contributing! Next month, curator Alen Hadzovic will lead us on an exploration on "Anniversaries." As my last post on 'Quiet Music,' I would like to highlight 3 artists I've been enjoying: Bill Fontana (thanks GraceAnne for reminding me of him!), an American sound installation artist. His website is [Here] is a video about one of my favorite pieces of his, Sound Island (1994), which was installed at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Ken Gregory, a Canadian installation artist []. I saw his lecture on his new work, [wind coil sound flow], which uses
A new show opened last weekend at GAGA (Garnerville Arts Center) in New York. The large exhibit space once functioned as a mill and is part of a huge complex that now holds the gallery and various businesses. This show is a celebration
Installation Art
Terence Koh (b. 1977) is a Chinese-Canadian performance and installation artist and one of the most flamboyant and intriguing art personalities since Andy Warhol. Koh’s work, rooted in queer and punk youth culture, decadent, morbid and endlessly seductive. Koh's installations are
Imagine you're at the supermarket, one weekday afternoon, sometime after work, absent-mindedly pushing your trolley down the aisles for a bit of grocery shopping. You trundle down the neon-lit canyons of brightly coloured packaging - cereals, soda, toilet paper - and

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One of the nation's largest facilities devoted to the art of our time, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) offers exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art created since... / read more



The Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou was the brainchild of President Georges Pompidou who wanted to create an original cultural institution in the heart of... / read more

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Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
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Founded in 1963, the Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania is a leader in the presentation of contemporary art. Through exhibitions, commissions, educational programs, and... / read more

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The idea of 58 was based on a very simple and obvious question. How do we show so much talent that has fallen through the cracks of the art politics in the metropolitan area?The answer was to do it... / read more


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