Pop-Up Op-Ar...
Philippe UG, 2014-11-14
Op-Art Socks...
Stephanie van der Linden, 2013-11-11
Op Art and V...
Spyros Horemis, 2008-05-19
Japanese Opt...
Hajime Ouchi, 1977-06-01
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Op Art

Art has always been concerned with illusion. Even the most rigorous realists deceive the eye, evoking spatial depth on the two-dimensional surface of the canvas. But it wasn't until the mid-60s, with the inception of Op art, that perceptual deception became... [more]

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  • New Video by idrioema to Op Art
    ianua (extract)
    idrioema | ianua (5.1) total time: 21.44 © produced by idrioema 2010
    over a 1 year ago
  • New Video by idrioema to Op Art
    Winner of the f1rst prize at "Punto y Raya Festival 2009". This works main goal is illustrating the mutation of a dot into a line Its almost like analyzing under a microscope the composition of the dot to observe how it evolves, generating new forms that will eventually c ...
    over a 1 year ago

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