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Conveying a message using text without being didactic is indeed a challenge. The most successful artists working in this genre are able to use the written word with all its texture and varied meaning to help us see the world in... [more]

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Awaiting each new issue of the simply remarkable Triple Canopy is a pleasure matched only by each issue's arrival; that the content of each issue is unfurled over time, and does not come in one fell-swoop of intimidating new material to set oneself upon, only further adds to this pleasure, and lends the online magazine an inclusive quality rare to such monumental publications. Issue 8 began its unfurling some short time ago, and is still in the process of revealing new stories, articles, and multimedia works. This makes it an ideal time to join in the process of reading Triple Canopy: the completed earlier issues – that is, those that are no longer "unfurling" new material – do come across as more

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Christopher Wool
Posted over 5 years ago by Adam Fields

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