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World dance is an umbrella term that includes cultural and ethnic dances from around the globe - from the Classical Indian dance, to Bollywood dance, from salsa to tango to flamenco, African dances to Native American dance to Middle Eastern dance,... [more]

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This coming week, I am excited to check out the Dance On Camera Festival 2010. Starting this week there are some free events at various venues, including a night of shorts at Judson Memorial Church presented by Movement Research tonight, January 26th, at 7pm. Also tonight, "The Haitian Footage: Maya Deren Unedited" will be shown at the Anthology Film Archives on 2nd Avenue at 7:30pm. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross in light of the recent crisis in Haiti. Read more about the program by clicking HERE. The main thrust of the festival will run from January 29-February 2, when there will be a series of films presented at the Walter Reade Theatre at Lincoln Center.
“Bharata Natyam is an expression of self. Anyone can watch and appreciate and you don’t have to be Indian to do so.” -Sahasra Sambamoorthi Sahasra has been studying Bharata Natyam since the age of nine. After graduating from Columbia’s SEAS
During my time living abroad in Madurai, India, in 2006, I interviewed eleven Bharata Natyam teachers (or gurus) on the topic of religious and sociopolitical influences on the dance form. The end result being a first attempt at writing ethnography, what
World Dance
Bharata Natyam is one of the Classical Indian dance forms (others include Kathakali and Mohiniatam from Kerala, Odissi from Orissa, Manipuri from Manipur, Kathak from Uttar Pradesh, Kuchipudi from Andra Pradesh) originating in the southern state Tamil Nadu. Although Bharata Natyam

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    Selampit Delapan Is The Full Color of Dance And Energetic
    Selampit Delapan is a traditional dance originating from the province of Jambi. The dance was introduced by M.Ceylon when he served at Cultural Department of Jambi in the 1970s. He was born at Padang Sidempuan July 7, 1941 has exceptional talent in the arts of dance. As a goo ...
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