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There may be no metaphor as worn out as the metaphor of weaving: writers and filmmakers are often said to weave together strings of narrative; music can always be seen as a complex weaving of melodies and harmonies; physicists even speak... [more]

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So I've done it. I've been wracking my brain to create this list and now I finally have my picks. To start off I have to say that the art world as a whole intimidates me. Maybe part of the reason for this is because the idea of "not good enough" was hammered into to me through the four years of training in art school. I've learned to take my critisism with a grain of salt but when the world of art became to big for me I would always go back to dog eared pages of inspiration better known as my overcrowded bookmark bar. Design and even illustration today seems so vast and along with youth comes inexperience but also

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