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Rising out of a base of traditional blues, rhythm and blues fuses African rhythms with pop and rock and roll, creating an upbeat, urban form of African American music that eventually gave rise to soul. This was a music of the... [more]

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by Troy
Behold, she who is…Nina Simone. Nina Simone’s artistry is so vast and expansive that it is often difficult for people to categorize her. She is generally lumped into Jazz, but I put her in the get-inside-you-and-make-you-jive category. Nina Simone is and I think always will be one of my favorite artists - true, passionate, talented, and troubled. Below are some of my favorite Nina Simone songs and performances. And the very last video, an interview where you can get a sense of Simone's passion..."If I had my way, I'd've been a killer!"

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