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Although it's sometimes decried by highbrow music purists as a poor relation to art, every songwriter knows the true feat behind creating the perfect pop song. Attaining that irresistible aesthetic is as deceptively simple as is it mysterious. Why do tunes... [more]

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by Troy
I’ve often heard that you don’t have to be talented to be an artist, you just have to create. What genre is more fitting to this belief than pop music? Here are some chart-topping selections by chart-topping divas and remakes by a young singer known as “hitmanbreakeroftheye”. hitmanbreakoftheye has disabled youtube embedding, but click the link, watch it on youtube, give him some love, it's worth it.
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Cinematography can do a lot for a film. It can make a forgettable film tolerable, just as it can make an unforgettable film that much more extraordinary. The lens a camera operator chooses in addition to the landscape, the framing, and
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Day two of indie pop band Of Montreal’s three-day stay at Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg proved to be just as magical as the first time seeing them perform years ago. The crowd waited anxiously until almost 11:30 for their heroes
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Dear Diary, I have a total girl crush on Zia McCabe, the keyboardist/tambourine player of The Dandy Warhols. Courtney Taylor-Taylor's not such a chore to look at, either. Nevermind the fact that their music is catchy, fun, and just psychedelic enough

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