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One artist on my list is actually a collective of numerous artists. Formed by professors Perry Cook and Dan Trueman, the Princeton Laptop Orchestra, or PLOrk for short, has brought a newfound excitement to academic computer music. I have been following PLOrk for a few years now, and have been observing its model proliferate in many cities and universities throughout the world. The term “computer music” is quite dry, generally conjuring images of HAL 9000 or geeky old men in bowties connecting circuits. “Electronic music” has escaped that fate somewhat, due to its synonymity (in popular parlance) with dance music. This type of music is often seen as somewhat cold, as there is very little performance other than pushing “play.” The
This month in Classical and Experimental Music (as well as related genres and subgenres), I would like to focus on “quiet music.” William Cosgreve wrote the oft-misquoted line “music has charms to soothe the savage breast,” and many people have taken
The number of blogs on the internet is somewhat overwhelming, but I still enjoy sifting through site after site, searching for the perfect ‘beat’, so to speak (with apologies to Gilles Peterson). It is like walking in the middle of a

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