Folk music emanates from the "volk," from the people. Pop music is similar since it comes from the populace, but whereas pop enjoys a certain flitting about amongst the masses (it is, after all, popular), it is not of the people... [more]

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It's Friday afternoon, and you are watching the clock, waiting for the official beginning to the weekend, when you can leave work behind and get a hearty helping of culture. New York City offers more than one person knows what to do with, but here are some ideas that may help you narrow your choices. If you are in the mood for music, head to BAM in Fort Greene, Brooklyn for BAMcafe Live ( On Friday and Saturday nights, BAM offers free, yes FREE, concerts from hip-hop, to latin, to folk rock. There is a bar in the cafe, to enhance your musical experience. If you like music, chances are you will find something on the BAM Fall lineup that suits
The site of Joanna Newsom playing harp is truly an awesome one: it calls to my mind someone dragging a beached whale back to water. The synchronousness of her confidently straddled, enormous harp, held aloft by a tiny frame with a
I've seen Calvin Johnson perform live once; it was a wonderful and fun experience, and one that bolstered the impression – one I'd previously gathered from the uncharacteristically inoffensive, if nonetheless less than enlightening, responses to YouTube videos of his performances
This week between editing and teaching, I managed to visit a few key exhibitions and concerts featuring compelling rarities. Two of them come thanks to recommendations from Holland Cotter, of the New York Times. Lately, I've been really appreciating his exhibition

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    Todo Cambia
    Todo cambia - Letra de Julio Numhauser. Julio Numhauser compuso la canción Todo cambia luego de tener que irse de , exiliado en Okar, un pueblo de Suecia, tras el golpe de estado de Pinochet, en 1973.
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Larkin Grimm
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Ani DiFranco.
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TAM TAM's Montréal, Québec, Canada
TAM TAM / details


Mister Artsee Brooklyn, NY, United States

Mister Artsee

Mr. Artsee and Art/See productions announces an open call for proposals from
artists, musicians, story tellers, composers, urban planners, designers,
curators, educators and... / read more

TAM TAM Montréal, Québec, Canada

TAM TAM's is an outdoor WEEKLY ritual (Sunday=BIGGEST day) covering MOUNT ROYAL (the mountain) from the bottom to the top with SMILING FACES banging drums, strumming guitars, blowing harmonicas... / read more

Zero Film Festival Brooklyn and Los Angeles, California, United States

Re-defining the festival experience.... / read more

Nottinghill Arts Club London, United Kingdom

Open Weekends!

Predating by over 12 years the current bar/club revolution, the nottinghillartsclub is a specialist pioneering music and arts venue.

Through conceptualising and cultivating... / read more

Prospect Park Bandshell Brooklyn, NY, United States

The Prospect Park Bandshell is not only the Park’s main attraction for live outdoor entertainment, but one of New York City’s most exciting venues. The Bandshell is best known for hosting the... / read more


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