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In New York during the middle part of the twentieth century, a group of experimental composers emerged upon the already turbulent Western art music scene. This group, which was spearheaded by John Cage, defied all the traditional conventions of musical composition... [more]

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Note: Click on the composers' names to go to their web page. Morton Feldman has often been lumped together with other "friends/followers" of John Cage, but his importance and influence is becoming increasingly recognized. He was a pioneer in using the indeterminacy of performance as a compositional element, in contrast with Cage, whose works generally used chance to create a fixed piece. Feldman also forged a unique identity by creating highly intuitive works in which short, quiet motives repeat, overlap, and disappear over very long durations. Below are three composers who studied with or were influenced by Feldman. At the bottom, a recording of Feldman's Projection IV for violin and piano (with score). Orlando Jacinto Garcia (b. 1954) is

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