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As the 150 years known as the Common Practice Period came to an end, a new kind of Western music began to emerge in the dawn of the twentieth century. The Common Practice Period had represented the golden age of classical... [more]

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This is an interesting new release. It features four orchestral compositions by Norwegian composer Arvid Kleven. Kleven was flautist in, what is now Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra. Largely self taught as composer, Kleven penned the title work “Lotusland” in 1922 when he was 23 years old while “The Sleeping Forest” dates from 1923. These two compositions, both amply scored, could be easily called tone poems and the titles seem to reveal some influence from England (Arnold Bax pops to mind). “Lotusland” reveals young Kleven as a master of orchestration, a natural talent for this musical form – one can never feel the lack of formal education in this score. Despite being praised by the contemporary Norwegian critics, the piece disappeared from the
I would like to start off by paraphrasing Charles Wuorinen, in a lecture at June in Buffalo, 2006: “Since the definitive collapse of tonality in 1909, art music has seen a lot of flailing around which hasn’t amounted to much.” Wuorinen
Hello readers, Last week I started a theme for August on "quiet music." Here's a quick summary of the related posts so far: (note: each line links to the referred blog entry) My intro blog post, which includes a cool
This month in Classical and Experimental Music (as well as related genres and subgenres), I would like to focus on “quiet music.” William Cosgreve wrote the oft-misquoted line “music has charms to soothe the savage breast,” and many people have taken

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  • Oraison
    Oraison, composed by Olivier Messiaen in 1937 for six Ondes Martenot, transcribed for Buchla 200e synthesizer and Haken Continuum Fingerboard controller and performed by Richard Lainhart in 2009. From the time I first touched the Haken Continuum, I'd wanted to use it to pl ...
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