With language came poetry, the music of the spoken and written word. Rhyme and rhythm were among the earliest methods of encoding and transmitting information, yet when the advent of written culture freed poetry from its mnemonic function, the finest poems... [more]

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Bookslut just published a superbly frank essay by poet Courtney Queeney. Queeney discusses women poets, the breed she's supposedly part of, and questions what it actually means to stand up for your own. While she isn't decisive, Queeney manages to be exquisitely precise. "There exists a great politesse around women's poetry; and to write critically is, in some ways, to betray one's feminine self," writes Queeney. She starts out talking about the problem of "women's poetry" as a catch-all category that priveleges personhood over craft, then crescendos into close readings of work by Louise Gluck and Heather McHugh. The first half of the essay is below. Read the rest here. The Kings are Boring: Some Thoughts on Women's Poetry by
A lot of my students are curious about Altered Books. I tend to cringe hearing the words Altered Books, because I think back to Crispin Glover's goth cut-ups that were pathetic Burroughs rip offs. They can be ultra corny. But there
The site of Joanna Newsom playing harp is truly an awesome one: it calls to my mind someone dragging a beached whale back to water. The synchronousness of her confidently straddled, enormous harp, held aloft by a tiny frame with a
Heather McHugh, a poet I love and envy (she's a matchless wordsmith), just won a MacArthur Genius Award. Listen to a brief NPR interview--in which she talks about letter formations and slowed down speech like only a language-geek can--here. Read

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    Blue Backgrounds
    In Blue Backgrounds, Noble Bandit takes us on a personal and highly entertaining journey. In twenty-two poems, she shares the truth about social networks, shapeshifters, selfhood and more.
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    Read Books Online Free
    Read Books Online Free Plus Audio • Library online: Literature on the Internet • Read books online free • Featuring the latest in digital flip book technology • Providing you a unique online reading experience • Short stories, poetry, novels, bestseller, fantas ...
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What Is The Role Of Meter In Poetry?

To create rythm
Posted over 5 years ago by Olivea

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